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Home Page Gallery
Showcasing a selection of images from the Shutterbugs. Members can add five images each to this gallery. First, look for the "Manage Galleries" button above. Then, ***** use the drop-down arrow **** beside the Home Page Gallery to see the uploading buttons. Click on the "Edit and Upload" button to add your images. Please delete older ones occasionally and replace them with some of your newer work.
Monthly Meeting Galleries
Use the drop-down arrow to find the latest group gallery that we will use in our regular club meetings for show and share. Members can contribute to these galleries as required.
Location Shoot Galleries
Here is the place to upload your images from any of our group photography excursions. Use the drop-down arrow to find the latest gallery.
Critique Nights
Submit your images for the "Critique Night" Challenges. A Zoom meeting will be held one Tuesday evening every month to share our thoughts, knowledge and opinions together. Discussions are encouraged on the merits of the submitted images. Use the drop down menu to find the latest group gallery and the date of the next critique evening. We begin at 7pm. A limit of 5 images per member for each challenge.
Winning Images from our Competitions and Themes
This gallery showcases the winning images from all of our Competitions and Themes.
CAPA Competition Galleries
Use the drop-down menu to submit your images to the latest CAPA competition.
Members' Personal Galleries
These galleries have been created by individual club members to showcase their work. Members: to update or create a gallery, look for the "Manage Galleries" button above when logged in to have the buttons for uploading appear.
This public gallery contains several sub-galleries of images related to Sidney Shutterbugs' annual "Point of View" (POV) Club competition over the past few years. This is held each Fall in collaboration with its sponsor, the Saanich Peninsula Arts and Crafts (SPAC) Society, and also helps kickoff our membership year. -- TO OUR MEMBERS: When logged in, these galleries are best viewed via the "SPAC Point of View" menu, where you will also find background information about Shutterbugs and SPAC, as well as access to other POV images and artwork.
MUSIC BOOK GALLERY - for the Writers Group of the Sidney North Saanich Library
This public Gallery contains the “Top Ten Qualifiers” for each of two music-related competitions conducted by the Sidney Shutterbugs from January to March 2021. Use the drop-down arrow to view two sub-galleries, one for each competition. These competitions were in support of a book of short stories inspired by the theme of music that is being published by the Writers Group of the Sidney North Saanich Library (SNSL). The Qualifiers were reviewed by the SNSL Writers Group Book Committee, which selected one image for the book's cover and six for inside the book. The book is expected to be launched in the Fall of 2021 to which the winners will be invited. Launch details are yet to be finalized.
North Shore Photograghic Challenge_Jan_2022
Use the drop down arrow to view the gallery or to make your submission.

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