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Regular Meeting (7:30 PM PDT)
Photographic Scavenger Hunt, with a twist  The twist will be revealed at the meeting, so bring your cameras, tripods and flashes.  Come prepared for exploring Sidney, comfortable shoes and all. Activity will happen, rain or shine, so be prepared for the weather; such as, bring an umbrella in the event of rain or forecast of rain.
Regular Meeting (7:30 PM PDT)
Pairs Portrait Session Please bring your camera, tripod, and lighting gear to this meeting.  Participants at the meeting will be randomly assigned into pairs. Each pair then photographs each other in a variety of poses and locations. In anticipation of this activity, individuals may bring props to the meeting that they may wish to use when their photo is taken. Follow-up: Prior to the following meeting, June 6th, each person posts their best portrait of their partner in a pre-set gallery on the website, for viewing at the June 6th meeting.

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