How to prepare photos to bring to Show and Share

At most meetings there is a Show and Share session where members share, and talk about, their recent work.

These images should be brought to the meeting on a memory stick following these instructions from the House Manager, Jason Garnham.

Steps to prepare files/folders for Shutterbugs Show and Tell sessions - (PC System)

If you are familiar enough with creating new folders, please skip to Step 5 for instructions on proper folder structures.

1)           Click on the Windows Explorer Icon:

2)           Locate your media device on the computer (thumb drive, etc.)

3)           Create a new folder using one of the following methods: Click on File -> New Folder or if using Windows 10, look for the ‘New Folder’ icon at the top of the window.Right click in a blank area of the area where you wish to create the new folder. This should bring up an options menu. Select New -> Folder ......or Press Ctrl+Shift+N on the keyboard, which is the shortcut for a new folder.

4)           When you create a new folder, it will automatically be ready for you to type a new name. If you accidentally click past this step, you can rename the folder by right clicking on it, and selecting ‘rename’.

5)           Name the folder(s) in the same manner as seen below:

Folder 1: Show and Share Sub-folder: [this should be labelled with the Name of Photographer, and a last initial, if there is more than one with the same name.]

  • Note: For the Show and Share folder, it is helpful to have the photos in a sub-folder with your name on it. This is to help speed up the file handling at our Thursday night meetings, so that everything can be copied and dropped from your media device, directly into the appropriate folder on the laptop

Folder 2: Challenge (This does not need the photographer’s name, as we display them all at once from a single folder.).

6)           Copy Files into the appropriate folder(s)

7)           Confirm all photos are where you would like them to be

8)           Un-dock media device

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Jason Garnham

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